EQ - What is it?
Emotional Intelligence involves a set of skills that defines how effectively you perceive, understand, reason with and manage your own and others' feelings.
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EQ - Why Assess It?
Emotional Intelligence adds additional information above traditional cognitive and personality measures. For example, research into the additive value of IQ, Personality and Emotional Intelligence on leadership effectiveness found ...
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EQ - Workplace Assessment
Organisations increasingly seek a competitive edge in identifying and selecting employees. In a labour tight market, being recognised as an Employer of Choice means organisations can continue to attract the best candidates. Emotional Intelligence provides ....
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EQ - The Seven Skills
Emotional Intelligence comprises seven specific EI skills. The table in the article presents a definition of each skill and outcomes that can be achieved from displaying each skill effectively at work.
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EQ - Consulting
At Mind Your Emotion we help you to be the change you want to see in the world.
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  • EQ - What is it?
  • EQ - Why Assess It?
  • EQ - Workplace Assessment
  • EQ - The Seven Skills
  • EQ - Consulting


Melbourne Office, Australia

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Mind Your Emotions® encompasses a series of programs and facilities our parent company Barrett has developed to give people access to tools, processes and assessments that can help them develop strategies to enhance their self awareness and emotional resilience and allow people to make the most of their capabilities and the situations they find themselves in on a daily basis.  At  Barrett we do more than just train people in skill and process; we help people become more emotionally aware, intelligent and resilient in a number of ways. Barrett works with the whole person and can provide people with access to a ranges of assessments and programs which give insight and teach people how to manage their emotions.

Developing a Healthy & Resilient Attitude

The first step to becoming more emotionally aware, healthy and resilient is the acknowledgment that there is room for improvement and taking the time to learn more about yourself.  The following behaviours and attitudes are some ways in which self awareness, health and emotional resilience can be demonstrated and measured:

  • Have realistic and attainable expectations and goals.
  • Show good judgment and problem solving skills.
  • Be persistent and determined.
  • Be responsible and thoughtful rather than impulsive.
  • Be effective communicators with good people skills.
  • Learn from past experience so as to not repeat mistakes.
  • Be empathetic toward other people (caring how others around them are feeling).
  • Have a social conscience (caring about the welfare of others).
  • Feel good about themselves as a person.
  • Feel like they are in control of their lives.
  • Be optimistic rather than pessimistic.

To ensure our strategy is right for you, Barrett can incorporate a range of methods into our work including Emotional Intelligence (EI) theory, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Meditation.

Five reasons to Mind Your Emotions®

  1. Self Awareness and Personal Growth
  2. To experience more positive emotions and less distress in your life
  3. To increase wanted behaviours and decrease unwanted ones
  4. To be an effective leader, partner, parent, friend, team player, etc.
  5. To manage the effect of emotions on personal / team performance, workplace well-being and happiness

Talk to us about how you can Mind Your Emotions® and develop and enhance your self awareness and emotional resilience.