The Self & Time Management is a 1 day session dedicated helping people of all levels set meaningful goals, prioritise and manage their actions and time more effectively.

Mind Your emotions Training Module 1

Timing: 1 day
Attendees: All
Follow up sessions, ongoing support and resources are available.

Key topics include:

  • What is Time Management?
  • How are you wired to work?
  • Organise Your Time Effectively
  • Using the GROW Model to Plan Your Path Forward
  • How to Use SMART Goal Setting
  • Control Your Time and Establish Priorities
  • Use the 3 Decision Questions to Make Smart Choices
  • Planning and Short Tem Planning Aids
  • Recognising Common Time Wasters
  • Time Wasters Quiz
  • Are You Addicted to Urgency? - The Urgency Index
  • How to Delegate Effectively

Participants will have the opportunity to take time out and work on their goals and recognise helpful and unproductive behaviours. They will have strategies and techniques to apply in their daily life.